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Mobile Cranes – Boom Trucks

180 Ton Demag

The 180 Ton Demag is not just at the forefront of its class when it comes to its size, but also to its main boom length, where the crane raises the bar with a total of 68 meters. And if that is not enough, you can even extend this system length all the way to 95 meters.

90 Ton Tadano

The Tadano GR900XL is a rough terrain crane with a maximum lift capacity of 90 tons. It has a maximum boom length of 154.2 feet and a maximum job length of 58.1 feet.

50 Ton Manitex

The TC500 series telescopic cranes are built to meet the wide-ranging needs of the owner-operators who may use it for residential construction one day and bridgework the next. No matter what the task, the 50-ton line of telescopic cranes is designed to get you to the job and on the job quickly.

Expertise and Experience

ISN Contractor Safety ManagementOttawa Crane Rental provides heavy lifting services to a wide variety of businesses in Ottawa and Eastern Ontario for 50 years. Our expertise starts with a well maintained fleet and experienced operators focusing on worksite safety. Ottawa Crane Rental is built on integrity, experience, trust and knowledgeable professionals that have been working in the crane rental industry for many years. 

Ottawa Crane Rental is an active member of ISNetworld, and is covered by a $5,000,000 liability insurance.


Goldie Mohr – Box Culvert, Hwy 7 Project
I’m the Superintendent at Goldie Mohr, General Contractor for the Box Culvert Project on Hwy 7. I had heard of Ottawa Crane Rental through my brother who works for another construction company. They were pleased with the lifts on his project and he recommended them to me. We needed a crane to lift the box culverts into position on Hwy 7.

The customer service at Ottawa Crane Rental was excellent. They did a great job handling all the details for the lifts after a thorough site inspection and ensured the plan was communicated clearly to the crane operator. I really enjoyed working with Ivan McDonell, crane operator of the 165 ton mobile crane the day of the job. He was a good communicator and asked questions to ensure the lifts were smooth and efficient. When renting a crane a lot of companies look at price, but to me to be able to communicate well, make a plan and execute the lifts as efficiently as possible saves time and money. Ottawa Crane Rental is a well-organized company and they have a team of good communicators that makes the lifts more straightforward.

Irwin Andrews, Superintendent at Goldie Mohr